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2019 Ramadan Appeal


Once upon a time,
Our Beloved Prophet (SAW) brought a message,
a clear way of life,
law and an example to all of humanity.

At Dar al-Turath al-Islami this inherited legacy is passed down every day from teacher to student, in person, online and via the airwaves to thousands of students through classes of knowledge, gatherings of remembrance, da’wah, workshops, talk shows, etc.

We cater for children, youth, adults, reverts and international students. Our policy is to always accept those eager to seek knowledge, to the extent that we have opened a second campus and housing for the international students who have joined us.

  • DTI Publishing House has released new titles and there are more on the way
  • DTI Hifz Department has doubled in the number of students for boys and girls
  • Dar al-Safa & Mustafa College graduates have returned to further their studies
  • We’ve hosted 4 international students in our newly acquired lodgings
  • There is a steady increase in online students tuning into our broadcasts
  • DTI Tuition students have been achieving academically
  • And our students have been doing us proud through their various community activities such as lectures, khutbahs, workshops, imaamat roles, producing blogs, vlogs and going into communities to do dawah

To make all this possible we’ve expanded our teaching staff to 16 teachers and have acquired a 2nd campus for the Girls Hifz Department.
Due to our rapid growth however, our expenses still currently outweigh our income.
Total expenses – R3,750,000.
Thus our target for our Ramadaan Appeal is R2,000,000

We humbly request that you keep us in the forefront of your mind when giving your Zakah, Sadaqah, or Lillah.

May Allah reward you abundantly!
Jazakallah Khayran.

Mln Abdurragmaan Khan
Founder & Director
Dar al-Turath al-Islami


Zakaah Donation Donated R 261,610.00
Zakaah Donation Donated R 1,530.00
Nabeehah Sayed-Osmany Donated R 1,000.00
Washiela Khan Donated R 2,000.00


  1. Patrick Modisane 11 months ago 17th May 2019

    May ALLAH subhana wa ta ala make it easy fo awa school inshaallah

    • ANONYMOUS 11 months ago 18th May 2019

      May Allah accept all our duas Ameen


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